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City interviews AITA speaker Tom Brown III

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Trapper Tom: Survivalist Tom Brown III says you can commune with Earth without throwing away your cell phone.

by:Will Stone

Getting back to nature becomes badass when a guy dubbed T3 holds the key to survival via a lethal throwing stick called an Addle Addle. Founder of the Primitive Arts Collective, a school for basic technology and wilderness survival, Tom Brown III is a hardcore advocate of sustainable living, a stance cultivated during years of roving wooded expanses and mastering the ancient throwing arts (we’re talking tomahawks here). His lecture this week will plunge us into to his lifestyle — what Brown deems the height of reliable, efficient technology — and challenge the assumptions that we can’t have our iPods and take them into the woods, too.

City Paper: How would you sum up what you do?

Tom Brown: I basically teach all aspects of primitive living, what I call the primitive arts, because you are creating functional art that our ancestors used to survive for hundreds of years. And, when you look at our modern society, which has really only been around the last 200 years, the skills I teach were used far longer and more effectively. The tools are perfected; it’s technology that can’t be improved upon. Nowadays, our technology is constantly being updated and reworked.
I also teach components of wilderness survival, a word that I really hate and try not to use because when people hear it they automatically think that I have a bunker stockpiled with guns and food. Or, they think of the show Survivor, which is a bunch of people in a place where it is usually incredibly easy to live off the land. That’s why I like to use the term primitive living and arts.

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Quench Your Curiosity: Roots of Root Beer Exhibit @ Art in the Age

 By Lauren Russell

America owes numerous thank yous to Philadelphia when it comes to delicious foods and beverages, including the famous American-born soda, Root Beer.

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The Dizzy Fizz Blog Features SNAP and ROOT

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Elsewhere in the Liquiverse

SNAP, coming later this summer to Pennsylvania, and eventually, to a bar near you.
* Hot on the heels of news that William Grant & Sons has purchased Philly’s Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction brand, including its ROOT liqueur , AITA is now bottling its next organic spirit, SNAP, based on a Pennsylvanian Dutch black strap molasses ginger snap recipe. The bottles will be on Pennsylvania shelves later this summer; widespread distribution of both SNAP and ROOT to be announced.

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Arsenal Ciderhouse and Wine Cellar: A new cider house in Lawrenceville

By Bill Toland, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A new vodka will be hitting local state store shelves this month. Clique Vodka, imported from Latvia, is being marketed by Pittsburgh-based Premier Innovations Group. Learn more at

Also this month, Philadelphia-based Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction -- the same outfit that is marketing Root, the root-tea-inspired booze -- is unveiling its newest product, "Snap." The 80-proof spirit claims "molasses, ginger, and North American spices" in its flavor profile.

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DETAILS Magazine Hypes Steve Grasse and Art in the Age

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Go Farmhouse-Modern

Give your city habitat some rural flair with rustic finds from these design shops.

Philadelphia:Art in the Age

Steven Grasse owns a farm in New Hampshire, and at his boutique he sells antiques he finds in the neighboring towns along with chambray pocket squares and ROOT, a house made liquor.

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Philadelphia Magazine Hypes Father's Day at Art in the Age

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Top Ten Gifts for Father's Day

—by Emily Rothrock

1. You can’t go wrong with cufflinks(Well, except if he doesn’t wear French cuffs. Then you’ve got somewhat of a problem. Note to self: Next year, buy him a shirt with French cuffs.) Limited edition bingo-tile cufflinks by John Wind (at right), $59 at Joan Shepp, 1616 Walnut Street, 215-735-2666.

2. Something he can always use: a shave and a haircut (plus aromatic towels and a facial massage) from an old-school-yet-very-metro Jersey barber. Gift certificate for the “Premier,” from $60, at Michael Alan’s Fine Barbers, 1400 Kings Highway North, Cherry Hill, 856-354-1212.

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