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The Punk-Rock Prince of Small-Batch Spirits

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Celebrate First Friday with Art in the Age

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The Designed Life of Terrain's Creative Director

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Juniper Ridge Simple Syrup Collaboration

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Hall Newbegin is a wilderness perfumer who lives on Mount Tamalpais. He started the wild fragrance company Juniper Ridge out of his kitchen back in 1998. Juniper Ridge distills colognes and perfumes from real plants, bark, moss, mushrooms, and tree trimmings Hall finds hiking the backcountry. You may have seen his soaps, incense, and sprays for sale at General Store, Heath Ceramics, Gravel & Gold, Steven Alan, Welcome Stranger, and even the Exploratorium.

I was lucky enough to tag along on one of Hall's foraging expeditions last week. We were collecting plants for a special Art in the Age simple syrup collaboration. 

After the hike, Hall gave me the lowdown on what it takes to be a forager. 

What would you consider foraging gold?

For me, the beauty of foraging isn't about finding rarities, it's about immersing yourself in nature and engaging your animal senses in the beauty that's all around you. There is endless beauty in the most common of plants — a redwood forest, oak woodlands, sage chaparral, a square foot of wet earth right beneath your feet, overflowing with life and ten thousand species of little critters that we'll never know about.

I do find rare flowers from time to time, and when I do, I just sit down next to them and try to drink in every detail, because they're only out for a second and then they're gone. I would never harvest a rare plant. I only work with plants that are utterly abundant and aren't being impacted in any way by the harvesting. Rarities are just that, and they need to be admired for their beauty and left alone.

Do you ever have foraging fake out, as in things that look good but are really poisonous?

The simple answer to that question is no. If you're paying attention and learn your plants there is no way you could ever make a mistake and eat something poisonous. You'd have to be unbelievably careless to mistake a poisonous plant for an edible one.

We're animals and until about the last two seconds of our evolutionary history, we depended on wild plants for our day-to-day survival. Do you think our bodies have forgotten how to interact with the natural world? Of course not. We all have this incredible capacity, even if it is laying dormant, to understand subtle differences between plants based on smell, visual differences, intuition ... It's like we have this superpower just sitting quietly inside of us, waiting to be exercised. And it always feels good to exercise those primal muscles deep inside of us. So tap into that Pleistocene part of yourself — hit the trail and for god's sake, don't treat nature as a museum. This is your heritage as a human and an animal — you're not separate from nature, you're part of it, so dig into it! Crush pine needles beneath your nose, brew up wild herb teas, crawl around on the forest floor on a wet day, and just smell all that's there to be smelled. Every inch smells different.

Have you ever eaten something poisonous by accident?

No, never. And not because I'm smart or anything (far from it). You'd have to be ridiculously careless to eat something poisonous. People who aren't familiar with wild plants think that everything out there must be poisonous. There are exactly three plants on Mt. Tamalpais that could potentially kill you dead — learn those ones first and then you can start developing your identification skills to sort out the prime edibles. Just get a good book; your body is primed to learn this stuff, it'll start making sense pretty quickly.

Is there a foraging etiquette?

If you're a forager you have a moral responsibility to take care of the places you harvest from. If you're really paying attention and digging into the place, this really doesn't feel like a responsibility because it will come naturally, born out of the love you have for the place. I'm always weeding out the invasive plants, making space for native grasses and coastal prairie. When I trim plants, I usually do it grazing style—take a little bit from the top of the plant so it can keep growing, and I watch my harvesting spots carefully, like a garden, to make sure I'm not having a negative impact on either the plants or the place.

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Lark & Lace GingerSNAP Cocktail

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Although my September 20th birthday qualifies me as a summer baby, I count my birthday as being the first day of Fall. For me. I've been waiting for a month to try this Snap liquor. It did not disappoint. Completely worth the wait! I can't wait to try more recipes but it'll be pretty hard to top this one.

What you'll need: 

 - Snap liquor

 - Spiced whiskey

 - Chinotto

 - Orange zest

 - Ice

 - A shaker

Begin by filling the shaker halfway with ice. Add orange zest, as little or as much as you'd like. (Tip: I like a little more!) Add equal parts whiskey to Snap liquor and shake. Fill the glass halfway with ice as well, and then halfway with Chinotto. Add in the whiskey and Snap from the shaker and enjoy!

I love this drink, it tastes just like a gingersnap cookie, just a little more "fun." Ya know?



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Say Goodbye to Summer at Art in the Age

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The sale racks are brimming with soon-to-disappear seasonal finds at Smak Parlour. Image credit: Smak Parlour

Saying goodbye to summer is a bummer, but these 29 incredible Labor Day sales will help ease the pain. Wipe your tears with all the money you'll be saving. Just kidding. Don't. That'd be gross.


· 611 Lifestyle: 30% off with code NOLABOR [Details]

· Adorn: 25% off your jewelry purchase with code LABORDAY [Details]

· Aoki: 15% off storewide, including markdowns [Details]

· Arcadia: Additional 25% off sale items in-store [Details]

· Art in the Age: 10% off men's and women's apparel [Details]

· Art Star: 20% off all regular priced items; additional 10% off sale items. [Details]

· Astro Vintage: 40% off everything on the Astro Vintage Etsy site [Details]

· Coco Blu: Up to 30% off storewide [Details]

· Fireside Camp Supply: 20% off moccasins [Details]

· Forage: 30% off sitewide with code SUMMER [Details]

· Free People: Additional 25% off sale items in-store [Details

· Kembrel: 25% off sitewide with code LD13 [Details]

· Malena's Vintage: 15%—50% off the boutique's entire stock of vintage apparel [Details]

· Metro Men's Clothing: Additional 25% off summer markdowns [Details]

· Never Too Spoiled: 25% off jewelry [Details]

· Occasionette: Free tote bag with $15 purchase [Details]

· Omoi Zakka Shop: Up to 70% off summer merchandise [Details]

· Remix: Additional 10% off sale items by mentioning "Racked Philly" [Details]

· Ritual Ritual: Markdowns on select Couture Vulture apparel and Concrete Polish jewelry [Details]

· Scarlett Alley: 60% off select accessories, housewares, and home accents [Details]

· South Moon Under: 20% off purchases over $150 with code FALL20 [Details]

· Smak Parlour: Women's apparel marked down to $20, $30, $40, and $50 [Details]

· Swag: 50% off select jewelry, handbags, home accessories, and more. [Details]

· Tag Denim: Up to 75% off retail prices of men's and women's apparel [Details]

· Three Sirens: Up to 50% off all clothing; 25% off summer scarves and bags [Details]

· TownHome: 25% off in-stock merchandise [Details]

· Trove General: 50% off regular-priced men's and women's apparel [Details]

· Tselaine: 20% off storewide; additional 10% off summer bags and hats. [Details]

· Urban Outfitters: Additional 30% off sale items in-store [Details]

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