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"The Gin is In" Makes a Cocktail with ROOT

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Friends, the Gin Wife again. I am here to present to you an invented cocktail of mine, something with lots of rich, spice-ful flavors which I find to be perfect for the holiday season.


Dare I Drink a Plum?

2 parts Greenhook Ginsmith’s Beach Plum Gin

 (or any Beach Plum Gin, this is what we had around, and honestly, what was the inspiration for this drink.)

1 part Soda Water

1 half part Art in the Age’s Root Liquor (Or dashes of spiced bitters, something with good, dark, rich flavor. Something molasses-y, perhaps!)

1 generous lemon (any brand) squeeze

Combine all ingredients in a shaker, and shake it up! Pour over ice. Simple! Add a dash of cinnamon if you are feeling it.


I have a half a notion that this would also taste good heated up, but the other half of that notion is worried that the richness of the Beach Plum liquor would overwhelm, well, everything. I will have to update when I am brave enough to try.

Aaron will be discussing the Beach Plum Gin in more detail soon! As for my notes: I liked it. I like plum and plum-like flavors. It’s rich, sweet, and goes well in interesting, complex drinks.

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Common Man Cocktails demonstrates a ROOT Beer Dessert Martini

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Published on Nov 16, 2014

Today we mix some Art in the Age Root with a cocktail calling for root beer liqueur: Root Beer Dessert Martini. We didn't want to use just a schnapps as that would be a bit sweet and fake rooty flavor.

Jennifer was all excited for this cocktail because it brings root beer flavor with irish cream flavor. This cocktail brings little root, a bunch of cream and big alcohol intensity in the finish, much like an Irish Cream would have in it. If there was anything to critique on here, it would be that the equal parts proportion seems to be a little bit favoring the Irish cream and not nearly enough root. The mid-palate is a bit weak.

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Root Beer Dessert Martini
1 1/2 oz. Root Beer Liqueur
1 1/2 oz. Coole Swan Irish Cream Liqueur
1 oz. Half & Half

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Earl Grey SNAP Cider Cocktails at With Food + Love

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This cider cocktail is infused with earl grey + boozed up with SNAP from my friends over at Art in the Age. SNAP is the most perfect fall/winter spirit, made with hearty blackstrap molasses and fresh ginger. This time of year I kind of want to put it in all things, like this pie.

Art in the Age spirits are pretty major – and I feel pretty lucky to live in Philly, to be connected to them and their store, which is located just a few blocks from my house. Some of my previous recipes for AITA include theseRHUBARB Roasted Plums with Honey Whipped Ricotta + Pistachio Dust and these Blackberry SAGE Jam Cocktails. Recipes for ROOT, my favorite winter flavor are on deck, watch out!!

Click here to see where AITA is sold near you.



Makes one, and although warm cocktails aren’t really my thing, I imagine this would make a really delicious warm bevvie.

  • 1 ounce Art in the Age SNAP {or your favorite whiskey}
  • 1 ounce earl grey tea concentrate {basically super strong earl grey tea}
  • juice from 1/2 lemon
  • 2 – 3 ounces apple cider
  • lemon twist to garnish
  • lots of ice

Fill a short glass with ice, dump that ice into your Mason Shaker or cocktail shaker. Then pour in the SNAP, earl grey tea concentrate + lemon juice. Shake vigorously.

Pour the cocktail back into the glass and garnish with a twist of lemon.


Enjoy immediately, drink responsibly.

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Monster Children features Art in the Age in its Photo Annual

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These guys sent us four large bottles of liquor so I better not fuck it up by talking about unrelated stuff like the time I went to Costa Rica and got attacked by wasps. Art in the Age (and I'm not just saying this because they furnished me with almost a gallon of organic, 80-proof, top-shelf hard stuff) are brillant, I'm the first person to poo-poo trendy, handcrafted anything, but this is a rare instance where getting back to basics is truly beneficial. While most distillers are looking to reinvent the classics –vodka, gun, rum, etc.–Art in the Age is reviving the forgotten classics. For example, 'Root' is based on a root tea receipe taught to colonial settlers by Native Americans in the 1700s. During prohibition the alcohol was removed from root tea and it was renamed 'root beer', so this is basically root beer's great, great, great grandpa. Art in the Age produces four liquors – Root, Snap, Rhubarb, Sage – and they're all as interesting as they are delicious. Cheers!

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"Spirit" Cocktail with Art in the Age RHUBARB and Lithe's "Smile Sparkle Shine", at Fit.Hip.Healthy.

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At Lithe, we're all about making healthy choices without sacrificing any of the fun. Welcome to our Lithe Foods Skinny Heathen collaboration with Art In The Age spirits! Next in this 13-week series is Spirit, which is made with Lithe's Smile Sparkle Shine and AITA's Rhubarb liquor. 

If you love champagne and Smile Sparkle Shine, you'll love this! Lithe's Smile Sparkle Shine is a cold-pressed juice made with grapefruit, pear, and apple. Our refreshing combo is healthy, tasty and low in calories. Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C, lycopene (pink and red only!), and has salicylic acid which dissolves inorganic calcium formed deposits that may build up in the cartilage of joints and cause arthritis. Pear is a good source of insoluble fiber and reduces grapefruit's tartness, yet really enhances its tastiness. AITA's Rhubarb liquor is made with a botanical bounty of beets, carrots, lemons, petitigrain, cardamom, pure cane sugar, and rhubarb (of course!). Together they're refreshing and light and perfect for Bellini-esque brunch cocktail.



2 oz. Rhubarb liquor

4 oz. Smile Sparkle Shine

1 oz. club soda

Lemon twist for garnish



Pour ingredients into a champagne flute. Place lemon twist on the rim or in the glass. 

1 serving

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SNAP cocktail in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Video Feature at Tender Bar & Kitchen

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The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette visits Tender Bar & Kitchen in the Lawrenceville, where bartender Craig Mrusek makes a craft cocktail with Art in the Age's SNAP. 


"Craft cocktails are really not that much different from what might be considered a conventional cocktail at pretty much any bar that you could go to. The only thing that distinguishes what would be called a craft cocktail, moreso than a regular cocktail, is a little bit more attention paid to the ingredients and execution. So, a lot of times you'll have a little more exotic, maybe a little more obscure ingredients depending on the particular drink. But generally, it's just more consideration paid to how the drink is prepared. 

We're gonna do the 43rd Street, it's relatively new on our menu, we put it on a few weeks ago. It's a really nice stirred whiskey drink, comes on a nice big chunk of ice in a nice big rocks glass, has a little bit of fall spices and flavors to it." 

- Craig Mrusek, Bartender, Tender Bar & Kitchen

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